Business Flower Rentals

Doris the Florist - Faux Flower Florist

QC Flowers

The beauty of hiring our fabulous faux flower displays, table centres & bouquets is that you can enjoy fabulous quality flowers at significantly less cost compared to fresh displays.

QC Flowers offer a unique and specialised service where you can hire out our stunning floral displays on a monthly rental basis, we replace the displays every month with a different floral display, always ensuring they are in keeping with your corporate image and décor.

Business Flower Rentals

Beautiful faux flower designs in either Contemporary, Tropical, Country Garden, or Vintage.

Why Faux Flowers?

  • Maintenance free
  • Bright & life like
  • Bespoke flower designs available
  • No spills, no bugs, no allergies & no wilting flowers
  • Monthly changeover of your flowers
  • A fraction of the cost of fresh flowers

Faux Flowers for Businesses and Events

*Bars and Restaurants
*Show Homes

* Floral Arrangement Weekly Cost

From £30 a month. That is just £7.50 a week!

A beautiful Doris delight for your reception desk
Free delivery Plymouth & surrounding area
Invoiced monthly

Order Flowers for your business in Plymouth

Free trial, delivered free
100% no obligation

Rental flowers delivered to your business

Your Business
Style and size of design to suit your company

Our rental flowers are changed monthly

Every month replaced with a new design of flowers